Post Thankgiving Party Nov. 25th 2017

The title really says it all. We received a call from one of our most frequent clients and he said "Uh hey my wife's family came in from Florida too late to have Thanksgiving with us and more family came up for a wedding so are you available for a Thanksgiving II party this weekend. To that we say "Of Course!" Life doesn't always follow a schedule that's convenient for you, especially during the start of the holiday season. Just know if you need any help making it less hectic, CT Cocktailers is always here for you! <3


Formal Goodbye to Beach Weather...

CT Cocktailers LOVE serving delicious drinks on the beach, it's our natural habitat. We live to make drinks during the summertime. But even we know when beach-going season is over here in the Tri-State. We made hundreds of memories with our wonderful hosts and clients over the past few months and that will continue through the cool weather, we just can't wait to get back to the beautiful view from the shore of CT and New York's beautiful beaches.


Yaganti Half Saree (@ the Westport Women's Club) 5.20.2017

For those that are not familiar, a half-saree is essentially the south-Indian equivalent to a bat mitz vah. In simple terms, it is a coming-of-age party at which you celebrate an Indian girl's entrance into womanhood. There's obviously more to it than that culturally and spiritually, but hey, we're bartenders not anthropologists. In any case, the Yaganti's know how to throw a party!!! It was insanely fun, from learning more about cultural traditions of our new friends to making mind-blowing cocktails/mocktails throughout the night, it's safe to say fin times were had by all! We can't wait for the next one!

We Have a Blog!

Welcome to the brand, spankin' new CT Cocktailers blog! Every time we tell people about what we do and where we've been we are always hit by the same line: "Man you must have stories to tell..." Well to be frank, yes! We do! And we want to share the epic tales of the world's best bartenders with you! Consider this post to be the first of many to come! Thanks for your support, CT Cocktailers Family!