A Very Special CT Cocktailers Record

Just before last Christmas we were supplied with accomplishing a very large feat: we had to provide bartending service for a corporate office of 250+ people for their Christmas party. It was no small accomplishment and to be honest a lot of work but we did great! For the whole day we pumped out dozens of drinks at a time for an entire building of phenomenal people. Everyone there was so warm and welcoming and made what could have been a stressful event into an awesome party. It was an honor to be part of this awesome event and we really hope we can do it again this 2018 Christmas season. Thanks a ton to Nicole M. for recommending us and helping us make this happen at every step of the way.  Our great friends are what make CT Cocktailers the best event catering company on the planet. 

CT Cocktailers NEVER say Never

We wish every event was as easy as we try to make it look but this simply isn't always the case. Sometimes you're on your way to serve at the wedding of two WONDERFUL young people and one of the tires on your magical cocktail-mobile blow up on the highway. Do you call the bride and tell her we just can't provide drinks in time for her only wedding ever or do you call every towing company in the state during rush hour on a Friday to make sure you get to the reception in time? If you're CT Cocktailers you do the latter and make it the best reception you've ever served at...with only three tires. Thanks again to Tasha and Erik for making us part of their special day!